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触 / Touch





( 2005年)

To confirm that it something in front actually exists, man uses all senses : sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.
I think that we can truly feel its existence by ‘touching’ it.
 It is thought that, in many cases, the feeling ` I want to touch’ happens because of our concern, interest, affection and so on. For example, it is because a baby becomes interested in anything he meets for the first time that he licks and touches it. And it is a proof of goodwill, trust and friendship that we shake hands, and sex is also an expression of love too.
These are all the indication of a common wish, “I want to be united” by making contact with others or everything other than ourselves.
 However, the wish is never fulfilled because there is “Epidermis”.
It never let us because united but makes us realize our solitary being.
 Recognizing our own outlines and others, we came to notice our existence and the existence of others.

 (written in 2005)

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