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Overtone of Geometry / 幾何学の倍音
Overtone of Geometry / 幾何学の倍音
Overtone of Geometry / 幾何学の倍音
Overtone of Geometry / 幾何学の倍音


サイズ : 各作品の写真ごとに表記
素材 : 各作品の写真ごとに表記




Overtone of Geometry


size : written in each photo of the work
material : written in each photo of the work

I grew up and still live in a new town which was developed around 1970; at a time of Expo’ 70 in Osaka. In those days, that might have been a symbol of future and, even now, is really convenient and comfortable for living.
However, I feel that something is off about circumstances of this town. People live in a “given” place. Each personality and something like unpleasant taste which inevitably occurs in life are extremely invisible, and scenery looks same all over the place.
I want to raise up overtones in this geometric town. Human being per se should be more complicated, chaotic and energetic.

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