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“ darkness ”


サイズ : 4’00
素材 : Video


“ darkness ”


size : 4’00
material : Video

When I was in Mexico, I felt like I found darkness behind those multi colors that I saw in their surroundings. For example, houses, traditional clothes, paints, etc  appear to be very colorful. Instead of seeing the beauty of different colors, I felt darkness. I can relate this to their history of being conquered by the Spanish. There is a sense of losing their own identity because of the Spanish influence. The culture in Mexico is being represented by different colors and because of the Spanish influence, it may be difficult to identify their own culture.
In this video, you can see various dropping colors. At the beginning, you can notice that the background appears very white, however, as many colors are dropping, you can notice that the background become slowly dark because the dropping colors are slowly melting and mixing.
The dropping colors that you can see are made of confetti that is often used for some celebration in Mexico.

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